Friday, February 5, 2010

The diarrhea band has hairy palms...I bet.

I find it interesting that people are more apt to talk about diarrhea than masturbation. Just saying the words in public will get you completely different reactions. Go ahead. The next couple times you’re standing in line at the store with a friend calmly discuss one of the topics and compare the different reactions you get.

They even have commercials on TV and radio that include diarrhea bands singing songs about diarrhea!
I’m not saying we need commercials about masturbation. I’m just amused at the willingness to discuss, and even write songs and sing about, what comes flying out of our ass before any discussion on the act of self pleasure.
We all know what KY Jelly is used for but you never here on the commercials, “It’s great for masturbation too!” It’s just billed as a “personal lubricant.”
Frankly that sounds creepy to me.

We also have the picture ad in the back of nearly any magazine of the girl with the phallic “neck massager” that she is holding on her neck.

Yeah right, she was massaging her neck. Maybe someone could explain her chipped tooth in the next issue.

I’m no more “pro-masturbation” than I am “anti-diarrhea”. It’s just the subtle “PC” rules of society that I find interesting.

But seriously, which one would you rather deal with?

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