Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shakespeare gotta get paid son!

I’m not a big “gamer” but I thought of some ideas for new video games. Frankly I’m surprised these aren’t already out there.

“Pimp!” – It could feature the voice of Ice-T and you could “recruit” runaways. Kill other pimps. Slap some bitches for “street ‘cred points” and advance in the game by getting ho’s addicted to crack. Awesome.

“Dead Celebrity” – This would be huge! You could recreate or avoid the death of such people as Jim Morrison, JFK, Sonny Bono, James Brown, John Lennon…the list goes on. Of course; if you choose to avoid the death scenario you have to deal with whatever situation fate hands you at that point. Fun, fun fun!

But wait! If you order now you’ll get this handy orange peeler! Wooo Hooo!

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